About Us

Precision Tree Care are professional arborists in Wānaka

Welcome to Precision Tree Care's 'About Us' section! Here, let us tell you a story of passion, precision, and commitment to tree care.

Precision Tree Care Limited

Founded by Sam Wheadon, a UK-trained arborist who made Wānaka his home in 2015. With over a decade of experience and notable qualifications from prestigious institutions like Merrist Wood College and Tree Life AC, Sam has instilled a culture of high quality and integrity within the company. His vision was to create a company where knowledge meets passion, resulting in unparalleled service.

Our team of professional arborists bring together experience from around the globe, including the UK, Sweden, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Each member is qualified to the industry standard and is committed to continuous learning and improvement through apprenticeships supported by Primary ITO. This blend of experience and training enables the team to approach each project with a unique skill set.

Precision Tree Care is a service provider with an educated knowledge of trees, coupled with high technical ability. We believe in clear communication and a comprehensive consultation process, working with our clients to ensure the best outcomes.

Arborist Wanaka

It is our responsibility as trained arborists to advise and deliver tree care that sustains healthy trees and keeps the people we work for happy